The First Maryland Regiment originated as Smallwood's Battalion from Maryland in 1776. It's designation changed to the First Maryland Regiment upon the creation of the Continental Army under General George Washington.

Battles of the First Maryland

-as Smallwood’s Battalion

27 August 1776 Battle of Long Island: First American troops to use the bayonet against the British. Nearly 300 troops killed, wounded, and captured, of the 400 Marylanders serving. They covered the retreat up Manhatten Island, thus preserving the fledgling American Army.

16 September 1776 Harlem Heights, NY

28 October 1776 White Plans, NY

16 November 1776 Fort Washington, NY

26 December 1776 Trenton, NJ

-as the First Maryland Regiment

3 January 1777 Princeton, NJ

Winter Camp 1777 Morristown, NJ, winter encampment (6 January 1777 – 28 May 1777)

22 August 1777 Sullivan’s raid against Staten Island, NY

11 September 1777 Brandywine, PA

4 October 1777 Germantown, PA

Winter Camp 1777-1778. Smallwood and the Marylanders spent winter in Wilmington, DE, and rejoined Washington in June 1778. (Washington and main army at Valley Forge 19 December 1777 – 20 June 1778)

28 June 1778 Battle of Momouth Courthouse, NJ

16 September 1778 Phillips Heights, NY

1778-1779: Winter Camp Middelbrook, NJ

16 July 1779 Stoney Point: About 150 Maryland volunteers participate in the attack on Stoney Point on the Hudson River lead by Gen. Anthony Wayne. The fort was taken totally with the bayonet.

Winter Camp 1779-1780 Morristown, NJ (1 December 1779 – 22 June 1780)

16 April 1780 Leave for Charleston, SC, with 12 fieldpieces

16 August 1780 Battle of Camden, SC. The Americans are surprised and the gallantry of the Marylanders saves the army from total destruction.

17 January 1781 Battle of Cowpens, SC. Daniel Morgan and John Eager Howard gain a victory against Banastre Tarleton.

15 March 1781 Battle of Guilford Courthouse, NC. The First Maryland's most famous battle. The Americans lose the field but gallantly attack the best British regiments with the bayonet and force Cornwallis to fire artillery at his own men to save the day.

25 April 1781 Hobkirk’s Hill, SC.

22 May 1781 Ninety-Six, SC. Siege of Ninety Six begins on 22 May 1781; General Nathanael Green ends the siege on 19 June 1781.

8 September 1781 Eutaw Springs, SC.

19 October 1781 Surrender of General Charles Cornwallis at Yorktown, VA.

23 August 1782 Combahee Ferry, SC. Last engagement of any size.